Special thanx to...

This site would never have been possible to make without my amazing friends around the globe. So I'd like to take this oppertunity to thank them once more.

But first of all I'd like to thank P!NK for being the amazing woman that she is and for inspiring me through her music to be the best that I can be! I wish you, Carey & Willow all the very best! Bless'ed be! ;) @>---

Sofia, Sweden
. They said in a movie once that if you're a twin you're born with your best friend. And I certainly agree with that to 110%! How could I ever thank you enough for absolutely everything you've helped me with? Nothing seems impossible to go through knowing that I'll always have you on my side! :* I'll always love you dear sis'! And keep up the amazing work with your sites too! ;)

Allan, Australia . I will never be able to thank you enough for your tremendous help with getting so many Australian magazine covers on P!NK for my website! I will be eternally grateful for all that you've done for me! Australia is definitely what Japan was for Alyssa Milano in the 80's; so popular and SO many covers everywhere! :p I can't wait to see which stunning cover she'll be on next!

Katrine, Denmark . Wow; the covers you've sent me from Denmark + all the super-rare European ones that you've gotten from your other traders will always and forever shine on my website! Thanx a million again for all!

Germán, Spain. You've helped me with some P!NK-covers in a time where I couldn't afford them myself on eBay and I thank you so much again for that! Your kindness knows no bounds, and it's a true honour to know you my friend! :)

Nick, the USA. My best male friend. Where should I start? I've known you since 2002 and your help is absolutely priceless to me; thanx so much for all the American covers you've helped me get! It is also sooo terrific to be able to save on postage and have magazines sent to you instead, or having them sent to you for the sole reason that some sellers don't ship internationally. So an extra thanx for helping me diss discrimination too! ;) hehe

Sanne, Holland. WOW: is still all I can say about all the extraordinary Dutch P!NK -covers you so kindly have sent me through the years.Thanx so much again for all of them - you rock !!! 8-) Keep up the amazing work with your own Madonna- & Beth Hart- websites too!

And a to some of my other friends who's helped me with several coverfeatures on P!NK; Cyrielle (also from Holland), Joanna from Poland,,Tomoko from Japan, Efi from Greece,,Ruth from Holland & Rebecca (also from Germany), Andrey from Russia; you are all truly amazing too & I feel blessed to know you all! @>---

Also an extra thanx to some of the generous eBay-sellers that I've dealt with from time to time who contacts me before listing their P!NK-items, or sell me more magazines on the side! My website wouldn't be able to become as rare without your help either! ;)